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About Winx Club Fan Forum:

Who are we?  Why are we working on this site?  Why do some of us like cheese more than pepperoni?  Well, This page intends to answer at lease 2 of those questions and maybe a few others that you’ve got about the site, so let’s get started.

Hi, my name is Carly Grace Fleischmann, I am a 26-year-old volunteer call center employee who enjoys helping others.  In 2013 I found the cartoon known as Winx Club while I was bored and surfing through cable one night.  I was impressed and quickly made note of the cartoon name and Where I found it.  The following day when I was on a conference call with a few of my call center colleagues, I had mentioned it in passing and they looked it up and were absolutely floored by what they too had seen.  Word of this wonderful cartoon spread like wildfire throughout our office and it became a part of company culture in a very big way.  By “big” I’m talking everyone got new ID badges with Winx Club Logos on them, our I.T. Department made a Winx Corporate Desktop image mandatory on all company computers, all of our internal systems and tools were renamed and the like to include Winx references (such as our active directory domain was simply XDS-CESD-US, post winxification it’s WINX-CESD-US, our customer database previously called iCIS (intelligent customer information system) is now “WinxCRM 9.5i”, and many others too numerous to list out here).  As you can see, Winx is now a huge part of company culture.  Well during all of this, I was a member of the official Winx Club forums, but those got shut down by rainbow (the company who makes Winx) and my upper management team had a company-wide conference call to communicate to all company employees to let them know that the official forum site was no longer going to be available; as one can probably imagine, this tore several employees up emotionally as they were connected to that site deeply.  upper management commissioned me to make a Winx club fan forum that same week to help patch up the gaping hole on our employee launchpad and to get some employees feeling better knowing we had a solution.  Version 1.0 was brought online within 2 weeks of its internal announcement, it didn’t get any traffic and wound up getting nuked when I hit the wrong button in the server management control panel.  Version 2.0 was launched in late 2016 but met the same fate as version 1.0 thanks to a software update, this is version 3.0 which I hope to keep around without any major hiccups for awhile.  I intend to bring this site up with more articles, and a thriving community from both my job and externally as well as get the word out about other projects we’re working on here in the office.  See the other things in the About Us section in the menu for more interesting things