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Last Revised on Friday, June 02, 2017
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This document outlines the steps we are taking to make our website and its constituent online interactive services (collectively known as the “website”, the “services”, or simply “IS”) more accessible to users with special needs.  This policy was written with the goal of making the site easier for all users to use and enjoy without imposing unnecessary barriers to access for persons with disabilities.  This document is reviewed on a regular basis along with user suggestions and action is taken to improve site accessibility practices.  Note that due to the constantly evolving nature of web standards, we cannot guarantee that the website and its services will meet the accessibility requirements of all possible users or user classes at all times.


What Issues have we Identified:

Through our testing, we’ve identified the following accessibility concerns in a sample user population.  Note that this sample of users with special needs does not represent every possible accessibility requirement by every possible user or user class.

  • untagged images aren’t well understood by users who rely on screen readers
  • links that are not descriptive of their function are not well understood by screen reader users
  • Adobe Flash content is not accessible to screen reader users or those on mobile devices
  • Mobile Optimized versions of most content are inaccessible to most screen reader users and certain users with cognitive disabilities and physical/motor disabilities.
  • Screen reader users are being flooded with copyright and other unnecessary text on certain application footers
  • Color being used as a sole differentiator in lists or other areas is not well understood for users who are color blind or have other color perception issues
  • Certain color schemes are not readable by certain users.

What have We Done To Remedy These Issues?:


  • limited or eliminated the use of “mobile optimized” versions of certain site components thus enabling greater access to mobile users with other disabilities. Where mobile optimized versions are unavoidable, we’ve made every effort to ensure that the mobile optimized versions flow well for all users
  • eliminated or reduced the use of Adobe Flash
  • added “alt text” to graphics so screen reader users can have a fuller understanding of the images in context
  • eliminated or reduced the use of  unclear text labels such as “click here” on links.  We’re working on editing all links in all areas to be more descriptive of their function, this will definitely take some time
  • reduced or eliminated unnecessary branding text in footers to give a more streamlined experience
  • we’re working on changing color schemes so they are easier to see for everyone.
  • We’re reducing or eliminating the use of color as the sole differentiator of list items or page elements


What do I do if I have an accessibility concern?

We want your feedback!  Please submit your accessibility concern to our SolutionCenter in the “Site Accessibility” department.  Note you might need to register for SolutionCenter and be signed on to submit to this department..