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Welcome to our link directory, we’ve gathered up a list of links that we think are interesting including other projects from around the XDS Support & Training Services Office, Winx Club Fan Sites, and More.

Note: Just because we’ve added a site here does not necessarily mean we endorse the site.  All sites have separate and independent privacy policies and terms of service, please remember to review such documents before using services on other sites.  Further remember that we are not responsible for the content of any of the sites that appear on this list meaning that while we seek feedback about the sites which appear here, we cannot resolve disputes or otherwise control what other sites do with your information or handle problems with linked sites.
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Winx Club Sites:

Winx Club Online: A site that is attempting to re-create exactly the original rainbow forum.

Believe In Winx: International Winx Club Fan Forum

Dream Of Winx: Yet Another Winx Forum


Other Project Sites:

XDS Support & Training Services : Free of Cost I.T. Support, Tech Support, Technology Training & Web Services

SiriHosting: Our Web Hosting platform offering free of cost and premium hosting. (Site Pending Restore and coming back soon)

Church of Winx International: a project started by another staff member at XDS.  (site still in development)

Krystal (“Siri”) Nicole Meyers Online Community: An online community centered around the fearless and inspiring CEO of XDS Krystal (affectionately known as “Siri”) (Site Pending Restore and coming back soon)