Live WinxClub Chat

Winx Club Fan Chat is here:


Ok, here we go; before you can chat with us, here are the simple rules you’ll need to follow and some help.


Chat Room Rules:


  1. Be respectful of all people.  In short;  no bullying, flaming, or intentional abusive behavior.
  2. Staff (those who have the @ in front of their name) have final authority.  The only person who can override a staff decision is Ops_Melanie or one of her officers
  3. No swearing: since this is a family friendly channel and children under age of majority can enter, please keep the discussion family friendly.
  4. Do not PM anyone without first asking them in the main channel,.  Staff are obviously exempt from this rule.
  5. Respect the Protected Classes of others: you may not talk down to or otherwise abuse another chatter based on actual or perceived:
    1. gender identity
    2. disability
    3. sexual orientation
    4. religious affiliations
    5. etc.
  6. the list from rule 5 above can change at the sole and exclusive determination of Ops_Melanie.
  7. while discourse and debate are welcomed, please keep such debate civil, if you disagree with another user feel free to express your counter opinions in a respectful manner.
  8. no file trading of any kind.  This is not a pirates’ den
  9. if someone is talking inappropriately to you in chat or PM, please let a staff member know
  10. keep personal information personal.  people online are not always who they say they are, as such don’t share your real name, city or town, phone number, email address, physical address, school name, or social media contact information with someone you just met online as it can easily be abused.
  11. any member over age of 18 found to be soliciting contact information form users under 18 will be immediately banned and information turned over to the authorities.
  12. have fun.


Quick Help:

If you wish to use mIRC or another IRC program of your choice, please do the following to connect to chat.

  • Network Name: DALnet
  • Channel: #WinxClubChat

If you don’t have a IRC client or don’t know how to set one up, you can connect via the web by clicking the link below:


Connect to Chat Now Using Web Client