Interact Portal Guidelines

Winx Club Fan Forum | Powered By SiriHosting Terms of Acceptable Use and Guidelines for Interact Portal (Forums, Blogs, and Galleries) :

Version: 1.3 (Modified on 05/16/2017)


Please read this document in full before registering for the Interact Portal as it contains the code of conduct which all users (including staff) are expected to follow.  By continuing with the registration or use of the Interact Portal, you agree to be bound by these guidelines whether or not you’ve read them.  From time-to-time, we might make additions, deletions, or edits to this page, by continuing to use the interact portal after such a change, you agree to abide by the guidelines posted here.  Should you not agree with any change in guidelines, your only option is to email support and request to have your account removed.


  1. Be Respectful: In short, no flaming, talking down to, or other intentionally abusive behavior.
  2. Staff are NOT exempt from the rules: this is more a statement of reassurance to normal members that staff cannot get away with rule violations, the rules will be applied with equal force to staff just like any user.  Staff found to be violating the rules face the same consequences as all other members in addition to removal of staff status.
  3. No swearing: this is a family-friendly site, and we’ve put filters in place.  Using creative spellings, spacing, or other characters to mask the letters isn’t fooling anyone and swearing or filter evasion will result in warning points issued against you.
  4. No Spam: We don’t like spam just like you don’t like spam, so please don’t post useless posts like advertising or the like.
  5. No Post / Thread Spam: don’t post stuff just to see your post count go sky high, if you have something to add to the discussion or are participating in a topic and wish to edit your previous post, choose the edit button (looks like a pencil) to make alteration to your posts
  6. Speak English: Not that We have anything against other languages spoken around the world, we just don’t have sufficient human (or hologram) resources to keep the rules and peace if other than English is used.
  7. Keep organized and on-topic:  The forum structure was designed for most things to have a logical home and as such, when starting a new thread, please do so in the appropriate place.  Threads that are in the wrong place may be moved at our convenience and determination.  With regards to the on-topic part of this rule, it’s simple really, don’t add something completely unrelated to the thread.  These two things make it easier for both new and old members alike as well as staff.
  8. No Topic Necromancy: if it’s older than three months, it’s probably been forgotten about.  If it’s older than six months, it’s definitely been forgotten about.  If you wish to add to a discussion that is growing cobwebs, feel free to start your own thread and link to the original thread.
  9. No Excessive Topic Bumping: Don’t just reply to your own topic to force it to the top of a specific area to “get it seen faster”.  If you haven’t seen a response within 3 days, you can do this but only once in a 14-day period.  Fan art threads can be bumped twice within a 14-day period but the frequency of such bumping must not be greater than once every week.  because we have an exception for the proper use of bumping, the final rule of the matter is “bump within this guideline, and as such choose wisely when to bump as there will be no further bumping past the maximums stated here”.  The implied “bump counter” will be reset on next activity meaning if you’ve bumped your topic and someone replies after you bumped it, the clock resets and you get another one or two bumps as appropriate and within this rule.
  10. No advertising other sites: there is an exception, You can put your personal website in the website field in your profile and have one link to anything so long as it’s appropriate in your signature.
  11. Keep Profile Pictures, Custom Avatars, album uploads, signature pictures, or other images appropriate: no graphic violence, nudity, or sexual content.
  12. Keep blog posts, categories, and content appropriate: just like forums, blogs follow the same rules
  13. attachments must not contain anything which could cause damage to our systems or another user’s device.
  14. cyber bullying is absolutely not allowed: reports are taken seriously, investigated, and if appropriate, users are banned
  15. one account per person, per lifetime: under no circumstances are you permitted to have more than one active account for any reason.  If you require a name change, please email portal help.  Opening multiple accounts for the purposes of evading bans or  other disciplinary actions will cause all accounts to be permanently banned.
  16. you’re responsible for all actions under your account.
  17. you may not claim to be a member of staff or claim to have any special influence over staff.  All staff which are full staff will have both a gold “WINX CLUB” Shield as their signature picture and a STAFF ribbon identifying them as staff.
  18. Keep personal information personal: while we give you the option to fill in Instant Messenger contact points, we encourage you to weigh the benefits and risks of filling this information out.
  19. Do not use the Personal Message (PM) System to Avoid the Rules: Members found to be abusing the PM system will have their PM rights revoked.
  20. change is always a possibility: we can alter these guidelines at any time in the future, so be sure to check here frequently for updates.